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With Halloween approaching, and our contest to find the best decorated house, I thought now might be a good time to address the question of whether you should have your house decorated for the holidays when trying to sell.

Before I answer that question I want to remind you that however your house is decorated the KISS rule still applies – Keep It Simple, Seller 😉
Remember you want the buyer to feel at home – specifically that it is their home. Remove as many of your personalizations as you reasonably can.

So back to the question: To decorate or not to decorate. Start by taking a cue from your neighbors. If your whole neighborhood goes all out each year at this time, don’t hesitate. A few tasteful items on display shouldn’t turn off the average buyer. Think of who your average buyer is (remember, the more people interested in your house the higher the price I’m likely to negotiate for you.) If your neighborhood appeals to a large cross-section of people from different cultures and backgrounds, you need to be more selective in your decorations than you would if you neighborhood is extremely homogenous and unchanging.

Of course I’m assuming you really like to decorate or this wouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t like to decorate then simply don’t! Either way, if you’re still unsure please feel free to ask me for assistance.


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