Landscaping and Lawn Care

Well landscaped rock stairs and rock wall

When you rent a condo or an apartment, it’s highly likely you are not spending a lot of time outside in a yard. When you buy your own property (should it have a yard or some kind of outdoor area), expect some hidden costs to come in the form of lawn care. Does the yard need some major landscaping? Are you going to mow it yourself, or will you hire a company to do it? Do you have a lawn mower, rakes, snow or leaf blower, yard tools, shed, and any other items needed to keep your yard looking great year-round? Most people think home ownership is only about the monthly payments such as electricity and water bills, property taxes, mortgage insurance and the maintenance costs. But lawn care will also eat up a fair share of your monthly income. A yard comes with extra costs, so be sure to know how much you want to spend on upkeep per year.

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