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electricalElectricity flows to your lights and appliances from the power company through your panel, its breakers, out on your circuits and back. Most homes have three wire service, two hot wires and one neutral. Throughout the house, one hot wire and one neutral wire power conventional 120 volt lights and appliances. The two hot wires and the neutral wire make a 240 volt circuit for large appliances (such as air conditioners). Connections along these paths, can be disrupted or fail.

If your electricity goes off, start by checking to see if its power cut or a fault in your home.  The easiest way to do this is to see if your neighbors still have electricity. If they don’t have power either, then it’s a power cut. If your neighbors have power, then it could be a fault in your home. After you figured this out, and found that it’s only in your home, you can try to check if your trip switch may have turned itself off. If it has, try turning it back on. If it switches off again, then one of your electrical appliances may be faulty. Once you’ve found the faulty appliances and turned it off, your power should stay on.

If you have no experience with the electrical system of your home, keep your improvements limited to changing outlet covers and switch plates. You can also change all your current light bulbs to energy saving bulbs. Even though some homeowners argue that the energy saving bulbs is too expensive, sticking with old bulbs would cost you far more money over the long run.

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