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Selling or buying a home during the holiday season does not have to be a hectic task. The decision whether or not you can list your home during the holidays really does not depend on the conventional thinking that during fall and winter the real estate market comes to a standstill. The fundamental principle of home sale still holds during the holiday season as much as in any other time of the year. Although home sale prices may vary, you can still sell your home for a good price relative to its condition and the current market.

If you are truly motivated to buy or sell your home, hire a good Realtor (one comes to mind immediately…) who will constantly provide you with updated comparative market analysis to ensure that your home remains competitive with the market.

With the right Realtor who is familiar or knowledgeable with selling homes during the holidays, the burden of searching or selling a home will be lifted off your shoulders , giving you more time to focus on your family’s holiday agenda.

If you are ready to get started, call me today and let me take a look at your home as a buyer would in terms of condition and appeal. Using experience and my knowledge of the local real estate market, I will give you the best advice whether your home can sell during the holiday season or if it’s probably best to wait for spring. Either way, if you really have to sell, don’t be discouraged by anyone or anything.

In case of any questions about buying or selling a home during this holiday season, please tweet me to @BrianTWolf or visit my Google+ profile.

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It’s not a secret that many people decorate and light up their homes during the holidays. Holiday decorations spruce up a home and will increase curb appeal to ready it for the real estate market. Your home can have the best look in this time of the year. The decorations and holiday smells might invoke warm, cozy and inviting feelings for a prospective buyer. Interior view of a converted barnPeople who list their homes in the fall and winter can take advantage of this season to make their homes more warmly decorated and inviting. You can even set up a fireplace or wood stove to make a room more attracting. You can also use candles and other things to make the home smell inviting to buyers.

Most home buyers are happier and more emotional during this time of year and they often base their decision on the warmth and good feeling they receive when viewing your house. While it may seem difficult to sell a property over the holidays or in the winter, you do have some ways to play up the season. And if you are truly set on avoiding the holidays, you can always put it on the market the first of January, when the chaos of the holidays is over.
If you’re a serious buyer or seller, you will take advantage of this time and do all you can to make your dream of buying or selling a home a reality.

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Smart home buyers know that home prices slightly fall as we enter the slower home shopping season when the market has cooled down, and more serious sellers are keen to get a sale. The home prices are typically lower during this time because the real estate sales are seasonal. If you’re house hunting over the holidays, then I bet you know that buying a home at this time of the year is particularly beneficial. Serious buyers that are searching during the fall or the winter are aware that they cut off some of the expenses of home purchase on their taxes. If you consider buying a home during this holiday season, thome-affordabilityhere are a number of tax benefits of owning a home that you can take advantage of. The possible tax benefits include deductions for mortgage interest, tax credits for real estate taxes, and private mortgage insurance premiums (PMI). These benefits may give you the much break you’ve been looking for making the process of buying your new home more affordable.
The fact that business tends to slow down during the fall or winter does not mean you have to slash drastically the price of your property in order for it to sell. It might remain on the market a little longer than you anticipated, but holiday sales happen, and buyers that are hunting for a home during this time are serious and are ready to buy. In addition, sales are often faster during the holidays than in the peak seasons of spring and summer when everyone is competing to sell again. Lenders are usually less busy which means buyers get their loans processed and approved much more quickly than they would during the other times. This simply means that you can get the money you need for your home, and probably for the purchase of your next home, much faster.

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It is well known that during the spring and summer months the housing inventory is largest as most home sellers put their home on the market. But this does not mean that during fall and winter there are no properties for sale. The MLS always has homes and properties listed on it. Although the holiday season will have properties available, their number will be lower. Nevertheless, you can be sure to find a property that will suit your housing needs throughout the year, unless now your attention is totally fixated on a particular home or your list of needs is a mile long.

Couple Unpacking Moving Boxes

In spite of the low home inventory in the fall and winter, the fact is that people still list their homes, especially if they are serious sellers. When there are fewer homes to choose from, the market is slower, but it is also less competitive in terms of other buyers looking for homes. Having less competition can mean no scenarios of multiple, high dollar offers on one property hence fewer counter-offers to compete against. With low supply, buyers and sellers alike will have a greater opportunity to actually think about offers, and especially for buyers, low competition guarantees that you’re not making a rushed or rash decision based on emotions or other counter-offers when you do find the perfect property. For serious sellers, the fall and winter seasons presents an opportunity to capture motivated buyers and a better sales price for you.

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The real estate market never comes to a complete standstill as many would want to believe. It flourishes throughout the year and the holidays or the winter is not exceptional. Anyone searching for a home during the holidays is a serious buyer and serious buyers never stop looking. With the holidays comes vacation time, and this means more time to look for a home. Taking advantage of this, serious buyers and serious sellers (those who want to sell their home or property) will keep their home or property on the market year-round. The holidays bring out the buyers and sellers that are motivated and determined to buy or sell a home, and they’re not willing to wait for the spring or summer.

Woman multitasking with cell phone, laptop and newspaper

Many people shopping for a home during the holidays probably have to buy before a certain deadline. Sellers may also be looking to sell their homes before the end of the year for tax reasons. With January being a very popular month for job transfers, some buyers may want to relocate before the New Year. For those with school-age children, they may want to wait until when their kids are not in school. However, the reality is that a family or anyone looking to buy a new home can move at any time of the year. If you live in an area with inclement winter weather, perhaps you might consider putting off your search or move until the weather gets better. On the other hand, those that live in a mild climate, moving during the holiday season is just as easy as moving in May or June.

If you are looking to buy a home during this time, then you can sign up for new listing emails, which alerts you whenever a new property has been listed on the market. For sellers, they can also sign up for seller’s reports, so that they can heads up the real estate market in their locality.

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It is common knowledge that most homeowners are advised to list their home on the real estate market in late spring or early summer as that is ‘real estate season.’ The holiday season is generally considered as the worst time to sell a home. The conventional argument was that during this busy time, prospective home buyers were too preoccupied with planning for parties, visiting their relatives or buying presents. Therefore, there were fewer buyers, and sellers chose to wait until after the holidays when more people were available to put their home on the market. However, times have changed. The home buying season now thrives for sale

Although sales are usually high in the spring and summer, listing your home or looking for a home during the holidays can be just as effective and not a taboo as some would want you to believe. There are actual benefits and good reasons to listing or looking for a home during the holidays. If you’ve missed out on the real estate scramble of the spring and summer, then the holiday season gives you a fresh opportunity to sell your home or start a home search. Listing your home now might just be in your best interest.

Over the course of this month, I am going to shed light on why listing your home or looking for a home during the holidays is of great benefit to you.

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Over the last seven posts I’ve shared with you some of the hidden costs of homeownership. Buying your first home or property is a huge step in anyone’s life. Before you start your property search, make sure you consider all of the items above when you’re thinking of buying a home or property and during your property search. The best thing to do is to see the additional costs as part of your homeownership payment package which includes the mortgage payment.

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HOAIf you’ve been renting your previous residence, it’s likely you haven’t had to pay Homeowners Association (HOA) fees for your apartment or rental. Should you buy a house, condo or townhouse in a neighborhood with common areas, a clubhouse, pool, or any other kind of community meeting places, it’s likely you’ll move into a neighborhood with an HOA. HOA fees can vary in terms of what the HOA covers within the community, but unless you know through your Realtor or through the homeowner the monthly fee, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars per month on HOA fees. One thing that is noteworthy is that always ensure your new home is already in compliance with the HOA rules. Buying a home that had problems with the HOA can be a headache, therefore, check out the rules and communicate with the HOA to find out what changes needs to be made in order to comply.

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Well landscaped rock stairs and rock wall

When you rent a condo or an apartment, it’s highly likely you are not spending a lot of time outside in a yard. When you buy your own property (should it have a yard or some kind of outdoor area), expect some hidden costs to come in the form of lawn care. Does the yard need some major landscaping? Are you going to mow it yourself, or will you hire a company to do it? Do you have a lawn mower, rakes, snow or leaf blower, yard tools, shed, and any other items needed to keep your yard looking great year-round? Most people think home ownership is only about the monthly payments such as electricity and water bills, property taxes, mortgage insurance and the maintenance costs. But lawn care will also eat up a fair share of your monthly income. A yard comes with extra costs, so be sure to know how much you want to spend on upkeep per year.

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Flooded Street

Flooded Street

Do you live in an area prone to natural disaster? As a homeowner you’ll need to have regular home insurance to protect your home or property from typical things (plumbing issues, roof leaks, etc.) that homeowners encounter. Should you live in an area that’s prone to weather-related issues (floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes) you will want to purchase supplemental insurance to make sure your home is covered should nature decide to show her wrath. Purchasing a home insurance is mandatory. However the cost will vary depending on the location, the constructions materials used to build your house, and probably the availability of other amenities. One thing noteworthy is that the insurance premium hikes over time. So, it’s good to be prepared so that you can have all your monthly expenses covered.

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